ANINOX is located in the Magoula industrial zone (Elefsina area) in privately owned facilities of 4,000 sq. M. active since 1953 in the manufacture of oil cooking machines (stoves)  and has been present on the market ever since. He is specialized in the construction and design of integrated projects related to the construction of machinery and stainless steel constructions in public catering and professional cooks, which are compatible with the application of hygiene regulations H.A.C.C.P. (HAZARD ANALYSIS CRITICAL CONTROL POINT) - CE thus having a special place in the Greek market.
Our company, seeking to support the specifications of its constructions and devices, was certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 by SWISS APPROVAL OBJECTIVILY TRUE, with certificate number 030-02-100-00843 and invested in CNC machinery to provide precision and standardization.
Studying the production process of feeding from the storage and preparation of the raw materials - the main cooking - the sharing - the transportation and finally the serving of the food, always taking into account your own particularities and needs, we manufacture the following as boiling pans,convection ovens (G / N -pastry), fryers, grills, tilting pans, static ovens, electric kitchens, as well as self-service, cabinets, benches, pans, extraction funnels, trolleys and other stainless steel appliances.
In an effort to meet the ever-increasing market needs, we have added to our range of indirect tilting boiling pans, tilting pans  120 liter and 80 liter with a closed gear reversing system without unnecessary leverage systems.
But where we place particular emphasis is on the technical support of our appliances, either by manufacturing the most reliable materials such as electrical equipment E.G.O., nickel wiring etc. or by providing immediate replacement parts at reasonable prices.
In no case our products left without support, trying to avoid the fraudulent tactics of 'exposed' products or the trapping of potential customers.
Our ultimate goal is not simply to live up to your expectations, but to exceed them, creating a relationship of mutual benefit.