HACCP (Risk Analysis & Critical Control Points)
(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)

The fundamental concept behind the HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) certificate relates to the need for businesses to focus on different stages of processing and production conditions, critical to food safety.

As a result, companies plan, install and comply with the HACCP documented system to ensure that their products do not harm consumers. The system is used throughout the entire product chain up to consumption and is based on scientific data related to health risks.

This is done by appropriately designing all the preparatory parts of the kitchen area where the various stages of food processing take place (storage, preparation, cooking preparation, supply, removal) and constructions constructed in accordance with established HACCP requirements.

Therefore, ANINOX manufactures complete kitchen equipment without absorbent surfaces and areas that may accumulate harmful substances and micro-organisms. This is achieved by using stainless steel (austenitic) stainless steels, continuous welding seams in an inert Argon atmosphere, round radiations with large radii of curvature. Provides its clients with an invaluable tool enabling them to maintain a HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) Certified Health System